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Going to start by saying every single person in this company is mentally incapable of doing the simplest task, and not one of them has a heart or soul to care about you as a customer.

I just moved to Colorado in May of 2014, and established residency months later. Within a mile of my new place is a Fred Loya office. I normally look for a company with a very local office to try to avoid the inability to confront someone face to face if ever needed. This was the biggest mistake of my life. On January 2nd, 2015, I was forced into the corner a divider by another driver making contact with just my front wheel, no body damage. Of course, the other driver fled, and I was unable to get the plates.

This happened right in front of a shop, so I took the vehicle in immediately hoping a simple alignment would be all that was needed. Turned out the tie rods and control are were all bent, requiring replacement, and my original Pontiac G8 rim and brand new snow tire were both done. I took the estimate from the shop immediately that local Fred Loya office where they simply sat me at an empty desk, and put me on the phone with their claims office in Texas. That's right, no service other than issuing policies from local offices. Pointless once you sign. After an hour of back and forth questions, then holding for 10 minutes at a time, the claim was started. My car was un-drivable, so I needed a rental, but was told they would not allow me a rental until the estimate was created and the car was at a shop. Turns out, since this happened on a Friday, they do not do anything on weekends, so I waited. Monday came, nothing... Tuesday, nothing... Finally I was told I could take my vehicle to any shop I wanted, and could go get a rental once confirmed at the shop. Dropped it off at the same shop I had obtained the estimate, and went to get the rental.

At this point, I assumed the car would be repaired in one day, plus any time for arrival of any parts that had to be ordered, so maybe 3 days max. Man was I wrong. First, their estimator came to the shop, two days later, and was not pleased with the estimate (both the labor cost and parts cost). He told me he found the same factory parts needed at a third the cost of the shops, and they were quoting after market parts. Believing this load of ***, I understood them not wanting to use this shop, but they still forced me to take the vehicle somewhere else on my dime, and would not provide any referrals or recommendations for shops they work with. They said it is not legal for liability reasons. Made no sense. I have had and heard of plenty of shops making such recommendations. In fact, you go to a shop that normal insurance company recommend, and they pay them directly instead of sending you the check. Makes things faster. Anyway, I took my vehicle to a GM dealership repair shop, figuring the talk about factory parts for less would make sense to them. Wrong again. Their estimate for the factory parts was more, but I'll be damned if I was going to let them tell me I needed to go to another shop.

This time, they paid it. However, it was such a struggle, the shop no longer allows Fred Loya insured repairs. They also have completely barred the claims adjuster I am dealing with from ever calling there. They flat out hang up on her when she says here name. Even the very reputable rental agency laughed and felt sorry for me when I said who my insurance was after picking up the car at one office, and had the exact same happen while dropping off at another.

We are at 24 days, 16 of which I had a rental, 3 of which I have been in a loaner from my shop because they feel so bad for me that I am dealing with this ***. If it weren't for the shop, I would have lost my job already. I turned the rental car in last Friday after they told me to meet them there so they could pay the shop and I could get the car, at which time I found out they didn't cover the last two days of rental and that will come out of my pocket because the shop took too long to order a part... like that is somehow my fault or in my control. Well, when I got there, I waited 2 1/2 hours ffor the estimator, who showed up with 10 mins to spare until closing, only to tell me he was waiting on the check to come via email so he could print it. It was 5:30 MTN time, and the check was to come from Texas, 6:30 CEN time. He was hoping they were still there to send the check, but had no idea. Sure enough, it didn't come, and they don't do anything over the weekend. Now it's Monday, and the first check he had written is now waiting on being voided, so he can write another, because they deducted 40% of the cost of the tire, because that's how much wear they estimated on my damaged tire, 40%. Well, nobody can tell me why it takes this long to void the first check, so he can write another, and nobody can tell me when it should be done. If it weren't for the dealership being so *** cool, I would have lost my job due to having no vehicle by now.

Either everyone at this company has some type of mental retardation, or none of them give a F&*^. Not one time did any person I speak with tell me "Let me get to the bottom of this and get you answers", or provide me any kind of legitimate reason for a specific waiting period, or any kind of legitimate estimate for anything. Everything has been sit back and hope it happens. It seems like there is a magic pot that everything gets thrown in when there is something that needs to get done. They don't know who is going to do it, how it's going to get done, or when, but they might let you know when it pops out. Nothing but a bunch of idiots with their heads up their ***. It is simply the blame game. Famous line through this whole ordeal "It's out of my hands". Famous question asked, "Who's hands is it in?"... Famous response... "I DON'T KNOW!"

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El Paso, Texas, United States #939493

The Loyas live extremely extravagant lives. The reason they are able to do that is because they do not pay their claims. It's sickening that they are still in business.

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