I Worked for Fred Loya Insurance for a very short period of time, and let me tell you I am so glad I left. best decision I ever made!!

they start you off at $12/hr and if you are lucky and your office bonuses for a quarter you can get either $14 or $15/hr they also say $16/hr but its impossible they try every possible to find a loop whole so you don't bonus. if you are late 30 seconds they consider it a minute late. they could careless if you work on your lunch and accidently forget to clock in on time and they still give you a write up. you don't ever leave on time u always leave an hour or 2 after your scheduled to be off BUT if you go on overtime you get a write up.

there is a *** load of stuff to do and they want us to get everything done and error free with out going on overtime. if there's 3 errors in a quarter you lost your chance to bonus. the employees have to request all these documents just to insure what they call an xx driver (driver with no license) bank statement, utility bill, or Cable bill must be current with in 90 days. & everyone must be set up on crc/eft which is automatic drafts.

when it comes down to a claim let me tell you they try every way possible to deny your claim, if they pay out the employees are all mad at you because that ruined there chance to bonus. The regional manager he is just too much!!! he has a 42" plasma screen tv in his room and watches Maury all day, smokes cigarettes all day and takes a *** every hour. He looks like the red bird from angry birds and is very rude to his employees.

I swear Fred Loya looks for ways to fire there employees and they make you sign all these waivers and *** so you cant file unemployment, insurance is horrible there too. I wouldn't insure myself there and I worked there.

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