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I bought a new car and because i bought it just before my policy was to draft my payment i had to pay twice. They told me i had to pay at the time that i bought the car and i did and they are still going to draft my payment my new payment 6 days after i purchased my car so i paid a full month of coverage for 1 week of coverage what a rip off all because they said they could not change the draft date. I need to look for other coverage thru a company that's not out right going to rip me off.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Thanks for all the good information!! i'm in the process of looking for another company. :)


And im sure you work for Fred Loya right aaron


Wrong i was charged twice the same amount twice with in two days of course i know you have to pay to put a car on the policy dugh but who pays twice for the same vehicle.How is that prorated i'm not ignorant this is what they told me.

I Still had to pay the same amount twice for one month.How is that prorated.


Heather, you must be highly ignorant and ***.You have to pay at the time of adding a new vehicle because premium needs to be collected to INSURE that vehicle.

The rates are pro-rated and from the sound of it, you have a 6-month policy.

What that means is that although your draft date was going to be 6 days later, that draft was to provide coverage for you for the FOLLOWING 30 days of insurance, not just 1 week.You should learn to pay attention to the explanations that are provided to you and not assume or base your knowledge on false information.

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