I was rear-ended today by a client of Fred Loya and after reading the reviews here, I am scared that my car will not be handled properly. I have less than 2500 miles on my almost new car.

After reading these reviews we called our Ins. company, Geico and they filed the report. Their client had not even contacted them. Thus far no one from the Loya Ins.

co. has contacted me. Does any one have any suggestions. Not only is my car damaged I also have some neck issues.

Like anyone out there I only want that is fair. Handling the claim in a timely manner and excellent service.

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2 weeks after an accident with their insured and they can't seem to find him, and want to know if I have his numbers, because the one they have is disconnected! I will never see a dime from them, neither will you.



fred loya is horriavble i settled but have still not seen a check they keep telling me they sent it but its been two weeks i doubt i will ever see it. I need the money now bc that was my only car.


Get a lawyer ASAP. Since they have already started playing dirty pool, you have no choice.

They are betting you WON'T get a lawyer. Be prepared, it will take years to settle this. I have a case that is five years old against AllState. Oh, and get to the ER immediately.

Start your rehab now!

I have back issues. Trust me.


Sorry to tell you it will be one of the worst experience you'll ever have. They are not professional what so ever and will give you the run around. I have been dealing with them for 29 days now and still no settlement for my car being totaled

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