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My wife was struck by a Fred Loya insured on the 6Th of Mar. 2009 I reported it to Fred Loya Claims approximately on the 10Th when I received the Police report.

I did not receive a response from them admitting 70% Liability until the 20TH of Mar.2009. The Insured admitted he did not see my wife when he drove in front of her, not yielding the right of way to the traffic on the highway. He admitted to the officer that it was his fault He received a ticket for not yielding the Right of way. When the claims person called, my wife was at worked and couldn't talk but the claims person insisted on talking at that time.

My wife does not have a 100% command of the English Language (she is a native speaker-Spanish Teacher) but they interviewed her by some one who spoke Spanish that lacked knowledge of the Spanish language. As my wife says " when I spoke Spanish she didn't understand me, O la estaba haciendo pendeja" Why is this company still in business? They messed with the wrong person, Fred Loya is going to Know of me soon because I will give them really bad publicity locally.

Is anyone using a good Lawyer in Texas. I'm sure your Lawyer would like multiple cases against Fred Loya (The kind of @#$%^ that gives the Hispanics a bad name)

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someone give me a good lawyer to be prepare i just got hit by one of there insure customer


Perhaps you should have done the honorable thing and reported them anyway, regardless of it not benefiting you personally. You have an obligation as an employee to report illegal and unethical business practices...ever hear of Enron or WorldCom?

Valley City, Ohio, United States #85199

Fred Loya hires young people because they don't ask questions or care to stand up for what is right there is not moral value for such a young generation. Fred Loya does lie to the customers I used to work there and I always had to stand up for the customer because my supervisor always wanted for me to lie.

I tried contacting TDI and they even told me that if I knew they were lying I needed proof first before I could accuse them of such a thing. Back then they would tell the customers that they didn't qualify for UM/UIM until they had at least 6 months of previous coverage, well state law states that you can get UM/UIM unless rejected.

You will also need to know that they exclude everone possible so they don't have to pay on any claim but they can only exclude those who live in your household not anybody else but they exclude anyone who has ever lived in that address even people you don't know. I know secrets but it's not even worth my time mentioning everything they do for their greed this company should not exsist but the state of Texas does not even care, that makes me more upset than the company itself

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