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This lady rear ended me on 12-14-12. I had to call the cops because she refused to provide me with her drivers license and proof of insurance. Once the police officer showed up, he got the information from her.

Fast forward to today, 12-27-12. Her insurance Adjuster Michelle Alvarez, who works for Fred Loya insurance is saying she will deny my claim because her insured claimed that I was on an incline and I ROLLED BACK IN TO HER causing the damage. My car is an automatic, so there is no way it can roll backwards, even if I am on an incline. Which I was not. Second, she rear ended me at 10MPH, again, there is no way my car would roll backwards at 10MPH.

I have informed Fred Loya insurance and the person who hit me (Maribel Martinez) that I will be suing them both! So if you know of a great attorney, drop me a line so I can sue the pants off of them now. This wasn't about money. But now, it's for the PRINCIPAL!

P.S. Here is a copy of the courtesy report provided to me by the Arlington Police Department. It has her full information on it. And here is a picture I took of her truck 1 minute after she rear ended me. Feel free to contact her and let her know (both Maribel and Michelle) what low life's they are!

Thanks for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fred Loya Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States #1229199

It's not the first time I witnessed or heard of this type of behavior after an accident. At least "Maribel" didn't pretend "no speaky the Engleez " as they do in Fresno!?!

Georgetown, Texas, United States #1189561

Just get an attorney involved and they will offer a settlement. Unfortunately that is how the process is now.


I know this is old but and I didn't finish reading it because I laughed at the statement " my car is an automatic it can't roll backwards...." BS! Sorry I have only driven automatics all my life and I have to tell you YES it can roll backwards..I have been to grocery stores where the exit out of a parking lot is a huge incline and it scares me every time I have to sit and wait for traffic in order to gun it across the street.

Your car can roll backwards and accidentally hit the car behind you...not calling you a liar but your claim isn't true.

In fact anything with wheels can roll backwards on an incline. Just correcting you....

to muzikgurl Georgetown, Texas, United States #1189562

Not entirely true. Some cars, mine included, have an anti-rollback feature built in. If you come to a stop on an incline and let off the brake the car will stay in place and not roll backwards.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #719505

What this gentleman chooses not to share with you is that he harassed but the insured driver Maribel and the adjuster Michelle on Facebook and other social networking sites. He also showed up to Maribels house and banged on her car, her front door, and called yelled and harassed her at her own home.

Maribel called Fred Loya on numerous occasions crying asking for them to pay this gentleman even though she wasn't at fault just so that he could leave her alone and stop following her to work.

I'm an anonymous employee at Fred Loya who was indirectly involved with the claim and knew that this sort of complaint can not go unopossed.


This has nothing to do with the carrier and it is a case you would lose in court, if you do not already know by now. It's not Fred Loya's fault that they insure a liar and are bound by the law to defend their story. If you could prove otherwise, they would pay.

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