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After I mentioned lawyer they wanted to help me after all now weeks later they adv me they are getting 3000 back from the body shop who messed up my veh and only want to give me 400 out of that my veh is still at the shop with a balance and parts missing!! WTF is wrong with this pic??

RAY FUENTES, OSVALDO RAZO have not been a help what so ever 7 months later but the payments are still coming out on time each month still getting charged insurance for a vehicle i dont have.....

if anyone knows these guys plz throw in a good werd for me so the can help me not screw me over! Sorry to those I had to ask for rides and so on still trying to get my veh back..See More

By: Artist Elie Lopez..

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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As conservatives take over and give more and more power to corrupt corporations people will become victimized more and more. Conservatives are too *** to realize that by giving all power to corrupt companies they are hurting themselves and other vulnerable people.

If you want to allow companies to destroy you and strip you of all your wealth then keep voting for corrupt conservative republicans. They are evil and by voting for them you are unleashing evil on others. 

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