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I was rear-ended by a Fred Loya Insurance insured vehicle on June 21st, 2010. The guy that they insured was allowing his fiancée to drive the car and now they refuse to pay for my $6,500 worth of repairs.

In an effort to let them know how we all feel, I have setup a Facebook page and a Twitter account to make Fred Loya Insurance start paying.

Twitter: @dafli (Drivers Against Fred Loya Insurance)


Come join the cause! Click LIKE (which means your against them) on our Fan Page.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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For the guy that was rear-ended by a Fred Loya Insurance insured vehicle on June 21st, 2010.The guy that they insured was allowing his fiancée to drive the car and now they refuse to pay for my $6,500 worth of repairs.

Did you not have comprehensive or uninsured motorist insurance?If you live in Texas, you\'re a fool if you don\'t.


On my way to work this morning I had someone driving a vehicle with a huge Fred Loya Insurance advertisement on the vehicle.This person did not yield when entering Loop 12 at Grauwyler (Irving, Texas)and nearly ran into the side of me.

What a putz. On the back of the car it had "How's my Driving" and gave an 800 number to call, but I didn't get the number because I was taking the exit.

All I find on line is a number to get their insurance.I'd love to tell someone who is over the vehicles at Fred Loya about this putz.


instead of making comments on a company that was not insuring the person driving at the time of accident, try a diff. way of getting ur money back,like they said before me, sue the person not the company, if they wanted to be covered, they shouldve pay insurance,,,, the company should not be resp. of somebodys negligence///


8) I see some pumpers here.If you read some of these complaints you would see there is an ex Loya employee who complains.

My sons friend works for Loya but refuses to talk about it. My wife was hit by a Loya insured and they got the ticket for failure to yield the right of way. Loya tried to put my wife at 30% liable. I got a lawyer and got paid(19 months later).

Or at least I think the lawyer (Mcquire/El Paso)got paid. Two checks were sent. I got the property damage, but I am still waiting two months for the personal damage that was sent to the lawyer Fredrick McQuire. From what I have observed most of Loya's insured are of the Mexican Descent (I am Mexican American).

They go whith what is familiar (FAMI LIAR). Loya's advertising takes advantage of this, such as "where being local matters". Most Mexicans from Mexico live with being taken advantage of. Their favorite saying is "Asi es" = thats the way it is.

So to sum it up, THEY DO NOT COMPLAIN!. They just live with it. Think! They are taking over the work force for hard labor at low wages.

Mexicans (from mexico)have a disadvantage of not understanding the language and/or the system. Most of them don't complain ("3%")because if they do they usually get ignored because its just another Mexican. For those of you that feel like responding to my comment.

I don't talk just to blow hot air!I talk when I believe...

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Most of the arguments below are correct however Fred Loya is a non standard insurance agency so that means that they have lots of exclusions.For example, there's broad policy that covers any driver who drives this vehicle or restricted policy that only covers the person who's listed on the vehicle.

In any case, I think you are better off contacting your insurance company and having them fix your car then subrogate against Fred Loya. They'll do much better job at this than you will. Or go to small claims court and present your case up to $7500 and get a judgement against them.

Put a lien on their house, bank accounts, taxes, etc...Good luck,


All insurance companies have exclusions.A State Farm policy holder could have been letting their excluded fiancee use the vehicle and they could have hit you, thus the claim would be denied.

This is not a company specific problem.I think your anger is misguided.


La verdad de todo es que esta insurance company, fred loya no sirve, no pagan a ellos solo les importa recibir el dinero de las personas ignorantes que creen en ellos, la mayoria de body shop no quieren reparar tu carro cuando les dices que fred loya va a pagar, porque ellos saben que nunca pagan.

to mmmm Pueblo, Colorado, United States #992797


to Anonymous #1066801




I the girl wasn't on the insurance & the policy was not for all licensed drivers,

Company is not responsable, like the others said educate yourself on policies & take driver & car owner to court

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