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THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE AND SCAM HISPANIC PEOPLE...FUNDS WITHDRAWN AND THEY CANCELLED MY POLICY...I have been insured with Fred Loya Insurance for the past 3 yrs. I have had automatic withdraw set up for payment on my insurance policy.

THIS MONTH, my account was withdrawn like normal, but i started to get phone calls from their office claiming the payment was returned due to NSF!! Who, are they trying to bully?? I printed out a copy of the transaction from my bank's website and brought it in..."This is not sufficient...I need to see your balance"..Fumed, I asked to cancel my policy and she notifies me it's already been canceled since Feb. i call my bank and haD them send me a "ACH" transaction note...guess what?? that wasn't "sufficient" either...i had to play high school games and call my bank 3way in order to get what they wanted...i'm waiting to hear back from them and i'm sure that won't be "sufficient" either...FRED LOYA NEEDS TO PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES MORE MONEY SO THEY CAN BUY NICE HEELS INSTEAD OF CHEAP LOOKING DANCER HEELS...WISH I WOULD'VE DONE MY RESEARCH AND MADE A BETTER DECISION

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