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My brother was hit by one of their policy holders, Fred Loya is denying the claim, because the driver was not on the policy. The owner gave permission to drive the car.

I spoke with other ins agents and they said that Fred Loya falls into a TEXAS loopole and my brother is in it. So , I would suggest to anyone, Don't get Fred Loya insurance. They should stop making so many commercials and start paying their claims.

But as long as Texas lets them get away, they will. More money in their pocket and someone left with a messed up vehicle cause they won't pay.

Review about: Fred Loya Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Filed a claim going in 3 months. I have full coverage.

And apparently they're investigating the claim. My car was hit in front of my house and they need to investigate.

The allegations that the damage was so severe that car was in motion. Again I'm telling them that the car was parked in front of my car when it was hit.

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You're brother should have bought unisured Motorist Coverage through his policy. He would have been covered in this case.

You can get it at your nearest Fred Loya Insurance Agency if they don't offer it..... :x

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