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On 7/22/09 I was hit by someone insured by Fred Loya Insurance.I was driving through a parking lot and a man backed out of a parking space and hit me so hard it did over $3, 000. worth of damage to my vehicle.

I had to go to the ER and my medical bills are $7500. so far. Loya Insur. Co. declared they would only pay 90% and I was forced to get a lawyer for the bodily injury. The adjuster with Loya Insur., Glenn P. Johnson only offered $2, 000.

Not only do I have to sue and go to court, my shoulder needs econstructive surgery that will put me out of work for up to six months. I can not have the surgery because I will not have the money to live on and the policy limits would not be enough to cover the cost.

After much research, THIS COMPANY DOES NOT PAY THEIR CLAIMS. Law offices

have more cases on Fred Loya Insurance Co. than any other auto


Review about: Fred Loya Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Yeah, check the insurance of the other driver BEFORE you get in an ACCIDENT with that driver. Gee, why didn't the stte legislature think of that?

Just think, you could *** out all uninsured drivers with your plan. PURE GENIUS!!:roll Here's a thought,(You do know what a thought is, don't you?) why don't you try contacting the Dept. of Insurance in your state. They have a helluva a lot more pull than some weasel shyster.

They(the dept. of insurance) can pull a companys' charter which enables said company to do business in the state. And, of course, you have documentation PROVING "Law offices have more cases on Fred Loya Insurance Co.

than any other auto insurance company." I bet you barely graduated from public school and think American Idol is important. LMAO :grin

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