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I needed to pay my monthly payment. I have a new debit card and need to add it.

Generally, I have automatic draft, but with the new card not being added I had to call in. When I called in I was told that my account was on hold because underwriting needed a new copy of my registration and driver licenses for any one driving the vehicles. I went several blocks to the parking lot at work to get the registration (from February) out of my car. Got back to my office, sent off the items requested to Sandra Morales and then was told they also needed the registration on the Chevy Silverado that is on the policy.

I mentioned to Sandra that the truck was just added in March to the policy, therefore, there is no current registration and that all the paper work on the truck should be in the file. I then was told by Sandra Morales that her boss Ivan Caraveo spoke with David Gonzales the manager in underwriting and he was told to tell me that unless I provide registration for the truck, that we have only had for 5 months, they will not let me make a payment on the policy or I had to take the truck off the policy. This is insane. We just got the truck in March and all the new paper work is on file at your company.

The registration is not even due until March of 2019. This makes absolutely no sense. This has to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Mean while I have not been able to make my payment and have to take off work to do so.

I have read several bad reviews and I get it. I have been with this company a long time and never had such an absurd request as this.

There really needs to be someone managing your customer service better and I still have not been able to make my payment. I am very upset with this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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trust me dude, youre better off with a different place. this company sucks so much

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