I and others recently saw members of the Loyas out to dinner at a nice Houston restaurant. Multiple persons at their table were visibly drunk and being extremely rude towards both the wait staff and other guest of the restaurant.

At one point, a couple sitting next to them asked those at the Loya table to stop repeatingly hitting their table and chairs. Persons at the Loya table just smiled, offered smart *** responses, and a couple of expletives. The couple called the managers over to complain and the managers moved them to another table. From what I can tell, the Loyas are an arrogant family that confuses whatever financial success their parents have had with their own.

I will never do business with any Loya company and encourage others to stay away as well. They are low-class family (or at least have several low-class family members) as far as I can tell, especially those of the younger generation.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Still the claim going on 3 months. Immediately I call Fred Loya to file the claim giving them police case number Witness ..

I was able yo a rental within a couple of days. However within a couple of days I get a phone call then I didn't turn in the rental because the claim was under investigation.

Apparently they're allegation the car had severe damage that the it should have been in motion not parked again I'm telling them the car was parked in front of my house when the accident happened I was hit there was nobody in the car and the driver fled it was a hit and run in front of my house. So my car has not been repaired due to the investigation again I have full coverage on my car

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1199512

I will be canceling my insurance with in the next couple of days. This company has poor Communacations with their customers.

They are taking out more money out of my account without my knowledge and with out telling me why my policy has gone up. If they do not fix this I might have to take them to court.

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1235058

You won't be able to. You signed the authorization form and with it, it contains an agreement at the bottom stating you give them permission to take a new amount if the premium increases.

Mckinney, Texas, United States #1183859

Wow! I will pray for this family!


Hey I don't care about any grievences, all I know is Fred loya has a fine sister !

to Anonymous #1597465

I agree I’ll buy from her anytime


Don't judge unless you would want to be judge

to Anonymous Mckinney, Texas, United States #1184105

Who's judging? Have you had this company as your insurance carrier?

Fred Loya is the most unethical company I have EVER done business with so its not judging. It's called experience and reality! I believe in Integrity!

And Fred Loya is most definitely not that company and sad thing is they really don't care how they treat people. So therefore I will pray for them!


I too know Fred loyal jr.. grew up with him...

he has been an arrogant rude drunk for a long time. .. i have made my own mistakes in the past... but in 1999 he pulled a gun out in a well known bar in El Paso and pointed it a friend of mine...

The swat team surrounded his home at 2am. And called him out.... well as you can imagine the case dissappeared with the help of sid Abraham a well known lawyer here in El paso... he payed in excess of $500,000 to never appear in court....

God knows anybody else would be a felon in prison. ... let's not forget when he use to frequent pelicans and Kona kreek restaurant here alot . With the regulars he use to visit gentlemen night clubs and blew hundreds on just lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills.

Just cause he could..... I recall when he was 19 years old he crashed a new Cadillac leaving a well known night club called phoenix on Lee Trevino. . He was totally drunk...

The very next day he had a new Cadillac and never went to court.... but what disturbs me most is not his drug addiction to cocaine and alcohol. It's the fact that several years back me and my brother and two friends went to pick up his girlfriend at the time at the airport. ..

she was naturally a blonde which he prefers but she got off the plane drunk... we went to a hotel. By the airport to party. As she was passed out in the other room.

He told us if we wanted to sleep with her and take advantage that she would never know.... I told my brother it was a nice offer but it would be. RAPE. ...

we were surprised that he himself had no heart or feelings for this individual. ... that by itself shows his character. ...

I've known him as a friend. But he is a person without morals .. I've heard from his coworkers at the main office here on Lee Trevino. That he has offered verbally a $500 bonus to the employee who declines the most insurance policies.

.... for a person who by himself made $24 million in 2006.. he is the heir with his sister Flor who no doubt took home her own $24 MILLION . Although she is not as flashy...

not to forget the father Fred senior who took home his $24 million in 2006. .. now we all now jr buys new $500,000 cars every month almost... can afford it.

Why because they tend to decline claims to support their lavish life style. ... I knowing him so well would never buy their insurance. ..

Fred jr told me once he had to spend $5000 a day for tax purposes. ... he spends that money at gentlemen intimate clubs and drugs and alcohol. ..

he could easily fund and feed the homeless shelters here in El paso... If he wished... caused that would of been $140,000 a month but that was in 2006. Since then they have gotten bigger and expanded into 3 more state's.

Which could only mean more and I mean alot more money and cars in their pockets.... If you knew all the stories that I could tell you would not buy their insurance. ... I'm not sure if all insurance companies do business the way they do.

But it's not a corporation...... it's a privately own insurance company. Which means there is no board of directors or several vice presidents. Just the family which denies claims to enhance their wealth.

... w I th no one to investigate their Incriminating incidents. ..... just a word to the wise.

Be careful who you trust to cover you and your family's Insurance policies. ....

sometimes Big Business is out to make business for themselves. .....


Generally the term "HATERS" is used by the less intelligent members of our society

so I elected to use it in response to this idiots comment about the Loya's because I know that If I wrote anything with any substance to it the unintelligent simple minded fool that made the original post would be confused

In case he still is....here are the some definitions for the term "HATERS"

* people that make up reasons to hate certain people just because they aren't as wealthy or successful as them

* A group of people who have absolutely no calling in life except for finding flaws in everyone and everything around them because they have no self worth and are simple minded

* people whose lives are absolutely and undeniably defined by what others think

* A jealous person who can't stand to see someone doing better than themselves

to HATERS gonna HATE #908065

You are a *** ***

to Anonymous #1440974

This was most certainly written by a loya family member, friend, or paid employee. EVERYONE knows what a sorry, conniving, criminal loser company Loya insurance truly is.

Speaking the truth, albeit 100% negative, does not mean someone is a "hater", unless they of course hate liars, dishonesty, fraud and thieves.BEWARE consumers! Fred Loya insurance and family are totally untrustworthy!

to HATERS gonna HATE Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1196751

Wow! This sound Like Josh, Jr, Ivette, Haydeline Solis, Barbara is way more inelegant than to write this.

She is Mr.Loya's assistant after all. or...?

Come on!!! Oh and FLor Loya is an amazing Woman.


* people whose lives are absolutely and undeniably defined by what others think

* A jealous person who can't stand to see someone doing better than themselves

* people that make up reasons to hate certain people just because they aren't as wealthy or successfull as them

* A group of people who have absolutely no calling in life except for finding flaws in everyone and everything around them because they have no self worth and are simple minded

Ive never been this happy. Quitting FLI was the best thing i couldve done.

I feel sorry for the employees who are still there. This company is money hungry, and the managers they have are a joke.

Lets put it this way, a regional in inland empire was a fraud in texas, thats why hes in California. Wont say no names :p

Hey Nerdlinger SS....quit sucking Jr's *** for a moment. The Loya family is known for their arrogance.

They are also quite known in the insurance business for overworking and underpaying their employees. Best advice I can give an employee is learn what you can, get the *** out asap, and start your own agency just as I did.

For claimants, go through your own insurance company and get a good lawyer. You'll need one.


I don't know how true this is, but this much I can say fred loya jr is a ***, my manager let us her a recording to see how me can bring in sells, at one point thru the recording he says "we help these lazy mother *** get their license & this is how the repay us". We hustle as much as we can bring in sells but its never enough.


Arizona Man, you are an *** and probably an employee at Fred Loya. I don't know how many of these complaints are legitimate, but I DO know that you are an absolute ***.

Saint-Joseph-Du-Lac, Quebec, Canada #294130
You're clearly upset because you weren't hsving as much fun as they were. you got to admit us Mexicans with money in hand can really have fun.

Just sit back and enjoy the show... Was there feet stomping too?

We're known for that... :(

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