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I was hit by an illegal thats girl friend was insured by Fred (monthly and cash) and after 2 months of phone calls and bad excuses Fred denied my claim. They said that the girl friend never returned their calls and since she was not cooperating (returning calls) the claim was denied. When I would call everyone I spoke to in El Paso was clearly hispanic, had a poor attitude and seemed to enjoy a little pay back, andor simply where so ignorant... Read more

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I have been with fred loya since 2013, i thought they were a professional company. I was mistaken, they just called me today to let me know there refunding me my last payment for this month. I've been driving for almost two months without insurance thinking i had insurance. They NEVER SENT ANY MAIL OR COURTESY CALL TO EVEN LET ME KNOW IT WAS CANCELLED. THE LAST MAIL I RECEIVED FROM THEM WAS IN JULY. THAT IS UNPROFESSIONAL. THEY ALSO DONT... Read more

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First i work at Fred loya insurance, i am the only African working with people not my color and they think i speak the language yeah no. Secondly customers are so bipolar, like can you not Thirdly Fred loya insurance is always raising the rate for customers payment. Lastly but not least, the pay rate sucks, like where is all this money you are taking from you loyal customers going sincerely not on claims nor on your workers. Lastly they want... Read more

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They made me pay for a late fee and I WASN'T even late, all because the system was no longer taking payments on their website from their Georgia customers. And THEN the very next month, guess what?! They were once again taking payments on their website! I have called the offices here in GA and their representatives won't even give you the corporate numbe?! What kind of sense does that make?! Well for all who need it HERE'S LOYA INSURANCE... Read more

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the *** insurance company I have everything see !!! they have one Ft. Worth office in Tarrant county and you have to go in there to make all different changes which is *** they need to get up with the programs!!! you can do *** over the phone I will not recommend this company to anybody !!

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Fred Loya Insurance Claim Review
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April of 2016 my car was parked in my apartment complex.i woke up to go to work and i saw a police officer approach me with a witness saying a nother motorist backed into my close case one would think.light damage to bumper and tail light..fred loya had me do all the leg work..getting police report and sending it to them..getting letter from other insurance company sending it to them..i have full coverage uninsured motorist..still to... Read more

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I was sideswiped by a mexican lady with loya insurance (surprise surprise) last august. She basically destroyed half of my car and caused me to have massive irregular heartbeat episode. The damage was over 4500 on my brand new toyota. She also caused me to miss two weeks of work, and over 6000 dollars on hospital stay. I hired a lawyer and he has been working on my case over a year and i just got a phone call from him saying that loya is... Read more

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I have a claim against one of their insured and its been 2 months trying to resolve the matter. Adjusters never picked up phone. They don't return calls until 2 weeks after, if they ever do. Supervisors are never there and don't help at all. Letters, faxes do not help either. Their excuse is that their insured is not responding to them. I have spoken to the girl who hit me and she said she has been calling them and they never call her back. I... Read more

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Worse customer service ever ,dont know what they are doing

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My payment was due today, I received a monthly invoice in the mail, which stated that I could now make my payment online. I went to the website and tried to make my payment, it would not allow me. So I called the 800 number, I explained this to the customer service rep. She said that since my policy was up the following month that I couldn't make my payment online and that I had to mail it in. Well this would now cause my payment to be late. I... Read more

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